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Kit Digital.
Digitize your company

Help for the digitization of SMEs in Spain

At Stay Creative (Digitizing Agent), as a specialized digital agency in Mallorca, we help your SME company to digitize itself through the help offered by the Government of Spain with the Kit Digital initiative. We accompany you in the process of access to digital vouchers and subsequent development of the necessary solutions to significantly advance in the digitization process of your company.

How much are the grants?

It depends on the number of workers in your company, you can access one economic amount or another.

Segment I

2.000 euros for micro-businesses and self-employed workers with less than 3 workers.

Segment II

6.000 euros for SMEs between 3 and 10 workers.

Segment III

12.000 euros for small companies with between 10 and 49 workers.

Requirements to access the grants

In order to access these grants, companies, SMEs or the self-employed have to meet a series of conditions:

  • Do not exceed the number of 49 workers.
  • Be a small business, micro-business or self-employed.
  • Not being in a situation of “company in crisis”.
  • Fulfill the tax obligations of Social Security.
  • Not be subject to a pending recovery order that the European Commission has previously declared as illegal or incompatible help.
  • Not comply with any of the prohibitions that are presented in the General Subsidies Law.
  • Do not exceed the amount provided for in de minimis help.
  • Use the platform provided by the Government to access the Voucher, Accelera Pyme, to carry out a self-diagnostic evaluation of “Digital maturity level”.

Help will be awarded by segment. The first will be companies with between 10 and 49 workers, to continue with those in the section between 3 and 10 workers, and ending with companies with less than 3 workers.

What kinds of projects are included in this grant?

At Stay Creative we offer various digital solutions to which these Digital Kit helps are intended. Below, we clarify which are the categories:

  • Web design and internet positioning services (up to 2.000 €)
  • Online stores and electronic commerce (up to 2.000 €)
  • Social media management (up to 2.500 €)
  • Business Intelligence and Web Analytics (up to 4.000 €)
  • Process management (up to 6.000 €)
  • Electronic invoice (up to 1.000 €)
  • Virtual office service (up to 12.000 €)
  • Secure communications (up to 6.000 €)
  • Cybersecurity (up to 6.000 €)

If you want to see the advanced table of maximum amounts, you can see it here.

Understood, how can I apply for these grants?

First, you have to carry out a self-diagnosis from the “Acelera Pyme” platform. You should know that for this it's necessary to have a digital certificate. This step is not binding to receive the grant, but it's important to carry out this step before, since the grants will be awarded in order of request.

At Stay Creative, we have years of experience developing web design projects, online stores and digital marketing strategies for clients from all types of sectors, which makes us meet all the requirements to be digitizing agents and be able to help you process the Digital Kit grants you need.

Let's talk?

Get in touch with us, and we will help you process the Digital Kit grants. Does it catch you away? We do a Google Meet, it's easy.

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