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Dickinson is a Mallorcan real estate specialist in sales and holiday rental houses, apartments and villas. Dickinson needed an attractive and intuitive web for the customers and able to keep their two brands: Dickinson Properties for sales and Dickinson Villas dedicated to rentals.

Villas & Properties

After presenting two brands with two different products, Stay Creative decided to go for the creation of two different sites but with an identical design and structure.

That way websites are clearer and easier to understand by the user, enhancing the experience and avoiding the abandonment by poor usability, and promote the transfer of visitors from a website to the other.

As they are complementary products, there is always a button available that allows us to visit their parallel brand.

If anything highlights the design of the websites of dickinson is for its strong visual character, not only by the abundance of pictures but also the hierarchy of information ranging from the most demanded by the user: location, price, number of bedrooms…
Villas & Properties

Real estate management

For both sites Dickinson Properties & Villas we integrated a property and customers management tool: prepared to meet the specific needs for real estate and its two products.

Real estate management
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