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Marina brasserie & cocktails


Marina is a brasserie and cocktail bar located in front of the sea in the seashore of Port de Pollença. After a change of concept, started being a common café and becoming the "Marina: Brasserie & Cocktails", the restaurant needed a renewed image according to their new way to understand hostelry. Marina owners to Stay Creative to create a new brand and a new website.

Elegance and sobriety

The new image required a logo and a color palette for all its applications. The seafaring blue was needed in a concept like Marina, the blue is joined by the white, in the logo, creating characteristic stripes and defining the nautical essence. We decided to use a pale blue tone and white color, and mixed with black and white photographies brings us a touch of tradition, elegance and sobriety.

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Created in a "one page" format, Marina website blends the brand concept with photographies of their dishes and cocktails. The website use the white and blue lines to separate the structure and the spaces, to keep it clean.

The menus, created as pdf files save time to owners and make a easier process to keep really updated through our content management tool.
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