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Digital marketing is based on the feedback of each of the actions that compose it, generating a network of actions that are in continuous change, looking for the opportunity and optimizing themselves. With an effective online strategy we will achieve a sustainable return on investment.

SEO/UX performance

The main thing is not to be on top -or not only-, the main thing is to know where to be on the top. More than 80% of online traffic is generated organically, through searches therefore we must optimize our results to increase traffic to our website.

The organic search optimization process in search engines is based on the previous definition of an SEO strategy where a market and competition study is carried out to determine the opportunities that are available and the efforts that must be made. Hand in hand with this strategy we must generate quality content and optimize the web to achieve results.

Social media

Communication through social networks is a key action in the digital strategy. Through social networks we can talk to our community of followers and attract new users. An efficient management of social networks improves the perception of users around our brand and increases sales opportunities.

Users of social networks mostly consume content that is aspirational or related to their social environment, for this reason it is important to define a subtle strategy, aimed at getting our followers to be our promoters.

Social media

Paid media

In any campaign designed to attract traffic to our website, we must consider advertising through digital media such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. The key is not to appear at any price, it is about looking for the situation with the greatest opportunity or with the least competitiveness, looking for the quality click.

Content marketing

We live in the era of content and this may be the ideal setting to connect with our audience. Content marketing, within an appropriate strategy, can help the user to empathize with our brand and values. Honest, transparent and targeted speech in the right media can be a success.

Channels strategy

The channel mix strategy is essential to reach the estimated audience optimizing resources. We must define the channels that are going to get closer to our audience in the best way, avoiding an excessively high cost per acquisition.


The loyalty programs will allow us to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients, optimizing the resources destined to attract new users. That customer already knows us and if he repeats, we reward his loyalty, it's that simple.

Affiliate marketing

Opting for affiliate marketing can be a key action to test or open new markets to success, that is, assuming a cost per conversion instead of assuming fixed or impression-based expenses. This tool can allow us to optimize investment in channels without losing effectiveness.

Influencers management

Choosing to collaborate with people with a high capacity for influence in specific sectors can be a profitable action. It is important to choose the right influencer for the designed objective, who is in tune with the audience we want to speak to, define the collaboration agreement and measure the results.

Performance marketing

There are projects with great potential and they do not get to see the light (or not at the speed they should), many times that situation occurs due to lack of funding. Performance marketing is a results-oriented strategy: cost is relative to results. The approach is based on reducing agency costs for the client in exchange for a percentage relative to sales, the business does not assume a part of the cost of managing the agency if the strategy does not achieve the expected success objective. In this way the risk, investment and benefits are divided in favor of mutual benefit, the win-win.

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