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Fons Mallorquí

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The wealthy countries allocate parts of their budgets to counteract the inequalities that they originate. This budget item is administered by different entities that monitor that the money is invested effectively in cooperation projects with the different territories. The Fons Mallorquí is the agency that carries out this task on our island, and its task is not easy, they are very long projects with countless logistical and political obstacles on the ground.

We build a corporate identity that allows us to achieve visibility before the institutions and we develop a project management tool to control the day-to-day of these projects: budget allocations, bureaucratic procedures, actions on the ground ... Connected to this tool, a new web page that allows us to project the work of the Fons Mallorquí, with updated information.

Fons Mallorquí Fons Mallorquí Fons Mallorquí Fons Mallorquí

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